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Product Info:
Step into the refreshing embrace of Rockaway Beach, where the invigorating scent of green leaves captures the essence of coastal foliage dancing in the salty breeze. The delicate notes of rose and lily of the valley unfold like blossoms kissed by the sun, evoking the charm of a seaside garden in full bloom. As the fragrance deepens, the grounding presence of sandalwood emerges, reminiscent of driftwood weathered by both time and tide. The subtle hint of ozone adds an ethereal touch, transporting you to the moment when sea meets shore, creating an olfactory journey that mirrors the dynamic and revitalizing atmosphere of Rockaway Beach.


Scent Profile:
Top: Basil, Lemon, Orange
Middle: Lily, Jasmine, Rose
Base: Musk, Sandalwood


Metal Roller ball 
Apricot kernel oil blended with our fragrance perfume oil
Solid glass bottle and wood top
Vegan and phthalate free fragrance

Rockaway Beach Perfume Roller

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