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Product Info:

Indulge in the essence of carefree summer days with Tanlines, a scent that captures the sun-kissed joy of beachside adventures. With notes of creamy coconut milk and warm sandalwood, this fragrance evokes memories of lazy afternoons spent basking in the sun. The earthy tones of cedar and santal blend seamlessly with the sweetness of tonka bean and amyris, creating a comforting embrace reminiscent of sun-warmed skin and salty ocean air.

Tanlines isn't just a fragrance; it's a reminder to embrace the simple pleasures and savor every moment. Whether you're lounging by the shore or daydreaming of far-off destinations, this scent envelops you in a sense of warmth and relaxation. Embrace the laid-back spirit of summer with Tanlines and let its aroma transport you to your favorite beach getaway.


Scent Profile:

Top: Coconut Milk

Middle: Coconut, Sandalwood

Base: Cedar, Tonka Bean, Amyris



  • 4oz
  • 100% perfume grade fragrance oil, organic witch hazel, and water - thats it!
  • Each bottle lasts for over 1000 sprays
  • Vegan and Phthalate free fragrance 

Tanlines Room + Linen Spray

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